Natalie Horwath, owner and baker of Berner Rosen Baking, has had a passion for baking since she was a young girl. Many holidays were spent in the kitchen creating sweet treats with her mom and two sisters.

Natalie followed her dream of sharing her love of baking with others and left her career as a certified public accountant to enroll in pastry school at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California.

Upon graduating pastry school and after working at restaurant Jardiniere over a holiday season, Natalie created special occasion pastry and confection for customers in San Francisco. Soon after, Natalie moved to Geneva, Switzerland with her husband and dog (and welcomed their son Nathan in 2011!)

In Geneva, Natalie was fortunate to continue creating special occasion desserts for clients under the business name Apple Pie Baking and also work as a stagiaire at two boulangeries and patisseries, Salon de thé de la Corraterie and Wolfisberg.

Natalie is excited to bring her Swiss culinary experiences and her business, now as Berner Rosen Baking, back to her hometown of San case you'd like to know Berner Rosen is a variety of apple that was discovered in Oppligen, Switzerland around 1888.

Natalie looks forward to sharing her baked goods with you and hopes you enjoy eating them as much as she enjoys making them.